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The surroundings

The kite area is found in one of the most evocative locations in the Mediterranean, a natural lagoon characterized by a millenary history and an unique natural diversity.

The natural reserve

The Stagnone Natural Reserve is located over an area of 20 square-kilometers, and resides in the most ample lagoon in Sicily. The area is perfect for practicing kitesurfing, since it's characterized by a continuous wind presence throughout the year, and by safe shallow waters, which make the Stagnone the best place to experience the emotions of kitesurfing.


The history

The Stagnone has been a fulcrum in the history of the Mediterranean.

Mothia one of the islands located in the lagoon was chosen by the Phoenicians in XII century BC to build a flourishing commercial base, which soon became one of the greatest settlements in western Sicily. In medieval and modern times the island was inhabited by the monks, who found in it a place for peace and contemplation. In 1800s the island became an archeological site and was soon bought by Joseph Whitaker, who had made his fortunes producing the world-famous Marsala wine, and promoted the exploitation of its amazing historical and naturalistic heritage. 

Schola, the smallest island in the archipelagus, was seat of an important rhetoric school in the times of ancient romans, and it is said that Cicero himself taught there while he was quaestor of the city of Lylibaeum, the city of Marsala.

The Stagnone has also an important role in the history of salt making, at least since the time of phoenicians, and its current salt fields were established from XVI century.

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